Bio-In Long Lasting

Bio-In Long Lasting is a 70-day program which completely restores, rebalances and harmonizes the body’s microbiome. Also it revitalizes the whole body at the cellular level. By doing this, Bio-In completely stops and reverses health problems associated with dysbacteriosis.

The Long Lasting Bio-In program contains 1.5 trillion Colony Forming Units (CFUs), the 4 probiotic species Lactobacillus, Lactococcus, Bifidumbacteria, Streptococci highly effective probiotics, enough to completely transform and revitalize your body for enduring health results.

Each user selects their own functional synbiotics based on gender and their individual health needs. These synbiotics have been specifically engineered to address specific body functions, giving the consumerthe opportunity to tailor their own program.

The end goal of Bio-In is to provide a full and lasting restoration of the body’s microbiome – leaving the user’s body healthy, rejuvenated and revitalized.

Bio-In, in its full form, lasts for 70 days because this is exactly the time it takes for the body’s blood cells to regenerate.

By transforming your body at the cellular level, as well as rebalancing your microflora, Bio-In’s effects are maximized.

And to top it all, Bio-In users also receive a personalized diet plan and are assigned a Quality of Life Coach who helps them manage the different stages of the program and maximize its effects.

Bio-In Fast Fix 

Bio-In Fast Fix is a 28-day program designed to provide concentrated and enduring results by enhancing the body’s microbial balance and normalizing digestive functions. It tackles the symptoms of imbalanced microflora and chronic disorders in specific bodily functions and can also be used to prevent recurring and seasonal health conditions.

Each user selects their own functional Fast Fix program, choosing from a range of sets comprised of Bio- In’s synbiotics and natural food supplements. In this way, Bio-In’s effective probiotic solutions can be intensively directed towards improving specific bodily functions such as respiratory health, the immune system, defense mechanisms in the oral cavity and others.

The intensively focused Fast Fix program restores microflora and eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of digestive disorder caused by use of antibiotics or other drugs, viral infections, long-term stress or age-related burnout. It can also be used preventatively or in case of chronic or seasonal ailments.

Users will feel significant health improvements which will outlast the duration of the program.

Bio-In Express Solution 

Bio-In Express Solution is a 14-day program designed to rapidly restore damaged microflora and ease acute digestive disorders, alleviating conditions such as abdominal discomfort, stomach aches, diarrhea and constipation, bloating and meteorism.

Additionally, each user can also tailor their own Express Solution program by choosing one of seven specialized synbiotic products which best suit their needs.

These specialized synbiotics were designed to help enable the fast and effective suppression of specific symptoms like allergies, exhaustion, joint pains or respiratory inflammation, amongst others. In this way, Express Solution both alleviates the negative symptoms caused by microbial imbalance and enhances the performance of one particular bodily function.

This intensive program is especially well suited to such acute conditions as traveler’s diarrhea, stress-induced indigestion and food poisoning. Moreover it has an added value of helping the digestive system adapt to new climates and conditions.

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