Scientists have long been aware of the huge role bacteria play in the field of health and longevity.

We now know that 99% of the genetic material in our bodies is not our own DNA – instead it belongs to the billions of microorganisms living inside us, known as our human microbiome.

Bacteria make up the single largest group of these microorganisms, and it is the balance of good and bad bacteria in our bodies that affects our health in a certain way, including the way we age and the way our immune system functions.

Bacteria, or lack thereof, can cause various diseases. Since such factors as stress, adverse environment and an unhealthy diet can result in bad bacteria filling our bodies, many of us suffer from what is known as dysbacteriosis – condition caused by an imbalanced ratio of good to bad bacteria in our bodies.

You don’t need to be a scientist to understand how to solve this problem; the solution is to ingest more good bacteria “probiotics” into your body. But you do need to have some scientific knowledge or, better yet, to be a microbiologist to be able to understand how to do this effectively.

Smart probiotic products have been in the market for years in the form of food supplements or such foods as yoghurts. However, their effectiveness has proved to be very limited, because the live cultures of bacteria don’t survive and therefore do not flourish in the body.  
Bio-In - unique probiotic program

New generation Bio-In is unique probiotic program that:
  • rejuvenates the body at the cellular level, 
  • normalises cell metabolism, 
  • provides perfect nutrient supply to the cells, 
  • balances human microbiome
  • removes waist products of biochemical reactions.
After analysing hundreds of clinical studies and understanding the conditions for perfect metabolism, we designed Bio-In to improve our health in any state.
Bio-in is not just a food supplement or a functional food, but rather a systematic synbiotic program designed to rejuvenate the body and balance to completely rebalance the body’s microflora and human microbiome on a sustainable basis. 

The formulas were created in Denmark, Lithuania and France, clinical tests submitted in Denmark, and the bacteria was grown in the USA, packed in Italy and stored in Austria. Watch video:

Here’s how this radically new approach to probiotics works.

1. Holistic approach

The program is composed of a number of specially designed steps, which, working together in synergy, complement and strengthen one another, thus creating the perfect environment for the growth and development of good bacteria: 
1. Detoxification and cleansing: the intestines are cleansed and detoxified, preparing the ground for the planting and flourishing of good bacteria.
2. Seeding: good bacteria are planted in the intestinal tract.
3. Stimulation of growth: all the necessary conditions are provided for the growth of good bacteria.

This holistic approach allows Bio-In to not only identify and alleviate the symptoms of microflora imbalance, but to also eliminate their root causes.

2. Synbiotics

Synbiotics are the heart of Bio-In. They are composed of probiotics and prebiotics that act in synergy. The prebiotics act as food for the probiotic cultures, allowing the good bacteria to take root and grow in the gut. 

Patented Cryo-Technology of the 5th Generation Guarantees that over 90% of probiotics reach the large intestine in perfect condition for assimilation and reproduction. 

The FOS (prebiotics) used in the Bio-In program are resistant to the environment of the small intestine, so 96% can reach the large intestine.

Each hermitically sealed sachet contains high- doses of highly efficient CFU's.

We are the only company which guarantees effectiveness until the expiration date.

Can be stored at any temperature due to the innovative packaging system used in Bio-In Guaranteed efficiency. 

3. Personalization

Each Bio-In program is tailored to fit the individual well-being needs of every user. The user can choose from a variety of products that best match their health needs or ailments, ranging from enhancing defense mechanisms in the oral cavity to allergy prevention, considering their gender.

The right choice for you Bio-In comes in three forms:

Each was designed to harness the power of probiotics for precise health and wellbeing results.